About Us


The Company:

Ball All Day Long was founded in 1998 in San Diego, California as a clothing line to reflect the dedication and fortitude of aspiring athletes who put in work daily to become the best in their chosen sport. Since its inception, the acronym for Ball All Day Long, “BADL” (pronounced 'battle') has become one of the most recognizable phrases in sports which represents a wide range of athletes from multiple disciplines and levels. 

We believe that every team's successes are built upon the components of motivation and dedication held by individual players working hard to perfect their skills and whose enviable example serves to make their teammates better in the process. Ball All Day Long speaks to attitudes common among professional athletes, amateurs, and enthusiasts alike who know what it takes to be BADL Ready:

  • Practice is the Key”--you can't just show up for the game and be great without it.
  • Do whatever it takes to hone a skill. Ball All Day Long, or else your opponent will. 
  • Win or loose—Play Through It. Winning is our objective but success is our goal. 
  • Failures are the building blocks to success. 
  • There is always a way out”—regardless of the situation, our potential is only limited to our imagination. 

Ball All Day Long is the unofficial sponsor of athletes around the world!   Our shirts, bands, socks, bags and hats are designed to be gender neutral and crucial staples to the wardrobes of the serious athletes.  

Ball All Day Long.....   Who cares what time it is?!